Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Vacation

So school is almost out for the year. I have a second grader who is "one and a half school days" from summer vacation and he couldn't be happier. I am already showing signs of mental failure.
Summer vacation was the highlight of my life when I was a kid. It was the highlight of every kid's life. No homework. No school. Swimming. Playing all day.
Not so much anymore. Summer vacation has taken on a whole new meaning. Bored children. Sibling pro-wrestling smack downs. Parental insanity.
My goal for the next two months? Not to sell the children to the circus.


Joe and Ash said...

If you do sell the kids to a circus, let me know which one; I'll go.

Claire said...

Haha!! Hi Sarah! I came across your blog on Katie Forsbergs blog... I just have to laugh because I one of the things I joke about with Cecelia is selling her to the circus when she is being a stinker!! Good luck with summer vacation!


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