Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I received a lovely homemade card from my preschooler for Mother's Day. Adorable hand print on the front. Cute poem inside. Questionnaire about me.
The questionnaire was the problem.
"How old is your mom?" it asked innocently.
The answer? 49. That would be a great answer if I weren't actually twenty years younger.
"What size shoe does your mom wear?" Answer: 80. Wow.
"What is your mom's favorite thing to do?"
This could have been answered so many ways. Write. Sing along with the radio. Play games.
What did my loving, supportive child answer?
Not cook.
That's right. My favorite thing to do, according to my own child, is to "not cook."
Wow. I need to work on that answer before the next Mother's Day card.

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