Monday, April 21, 2008

Are Goldfish Cannibals?

This may seem like a random question, but at the Eden household, we now have reason to wonder. Are goldfish cannibals? And if they are, are they paritcularly thorough?
We woke up this morning and went to the fishtank to check on our two little goldfish, one of which had been acting a little sickly yesterday. A quick fish-head count (extremely quick, as a matter of fact) came up one fish too few. We have checked the entire tank, we've sifted through gravel, checked underneath the little fish-castle, looked inside the filter, between the leaves of the plants.
The fish is gone. Completely. Not so much as a mangled fin left behind.
Fish number one is kind of a nasty fish and has, thus far, outlived three tank mates. We wonder about it. And now we are beginning to be just a little bit afraid. We have seen the survivor fish torment each fish as it has come in, we have seen it hog the fish flakes at meal time. Has it now taken to devouring its companion? Hiding it somewhere? Digging a little fishy-grave in the corner somewhere?
Check in as the mystery unfolds.

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bebop0090 said...

My brother keeps a tank full of goldfish and I was just watching them peacfully when i noticed that there was a black goldfish with only a skeletons worth of fin left and a hole on his side. These two other goldfish were eating it...


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