Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Jonquil Family


Bookmaiden said...

Just finished Stanley and Marjie's book, which I loved! Can't wait for the next book to find out what happens to Sorrell and the baby... Also, looking forward to hearing about Devereaux' new interest, though so, so sad about Miranda.

M Stults said...

Loved reading Stanley and Marjie's story but was sad to hear Miranda had passed away after her and Lord Devereaux had had 5 happy years together, but you left us hanging! So PLEASE, PLEASE don't let Sorrell die in childbirth. She is Phillip's soulmate and I don't think he'd recover after losing her. I hope she can even deliver her baby, maybe a little boy...an heir for Phillip. I love happily everafter stories and know many women died in childbirth back in those days, but we've lost Miranda, and also Layton's wife so I want Sorrell to live. She is a wonderful character, feisty and someone the Jonquil family needs. Besides she bonds with Stanley as they both have a limp. This series has been wonderful and I've loved every book. I download the e-Book but then buy the paperback to share with my granddaughter and others. Thank you again Sarah for these great stories!

Bookmaiden said...

Totally agree, though I bet one if not both will survive. I'm not against reality, though it's so sad, but I find it really hard to wait indefinitely for cliff hangers when I'm already rereading books in between. The Stanley cliffhanger in the last book with Mariposa was hard and that was only a few months wait. Love your books!! So excited there were three releases in the last 6 months! :) Can't wait for more Lancasters and Deveraux too! I'd also love a book about the French duchess :)


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